GISAD Goes Green

GISAD Goes Green

In 2019 GISAD put a strong focus on Going Green, in an effort to minimize our school’s carbon footprint and join the world in making our environment sustainable. Our mission is to assist and guide the GISAD community towards an eco-friendlier path.

We started our movement by raising awareness about the threats which pose harm to our environment and what we can do differently within the UAE to help reduce waste. A big success was the start of collaboration with “Simply Bottles” and acquiring two of their plastic bottle recycling bins. Through the collection of plastic bottles here at our school, Simply Bottles is able to produce eco-friendly clothing under the name of their brand “D-grade”. The bottles are reduced to polyester fiber through an eco-friendly process and are then marketed as clothes which are literally recycled plastic. We love it. .

We continued our efforts with the realization that our paper waste was too high. Together with the company “Infofort” and their initiative “GreenBoxes” we now recycle paper at our school. We received 5 GreenBoxes from Infofort. After they are all full, they are collected and our paper waste is analyzed. Our first report highlighted a reassuring positive impact that we have had on the environment and can be seen below

As we are driven to move forward to a greener and brighter future, we would like to ask any parent, business or environment enthusiast to come forward and gladly contribute any collaboration ideas you may have. Please feel free to reach out to our Head of Marketing:

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