Media Library

Media Library

Reading is a boundless childhood adventure” – Astrid Lindgren

This is also the aim here at the GISAD Media Library. Our endeavor is to offer kindergarten children and students a wide range of books and media such as audio books, CDs and DVDs in German, English and Arabic. Thanks to many book donations and new purchases, we are always able to expand our inventory.

The media library is open every day during Ramadan from: Monday to Thursday between 7.45 a.m. and 1.30 pm, Fridays from 7.45-11.30 am.

Loan periods, reminders and loss

  • Books, comics and magazines: 4 weeks – Free of charge
  • Digital media like DVDs, CDs and audio books: 2 weeks – The fee for these is AED 1.00 per CD and AED 2.00 per DVD, no free extension possible
  • The first reminder is free of charge, for the second reminder AED 10 will be charged and the last reminder will be charged with AED 20.00 and a block of borrowing books.
  • If a book is lost, a flat rate of AED 50 per book is charged. All payments are to be made directly in the media library.
  • All media must be returned before the summer holidays, otherwise a summer flat rate of AED 50.00 will be charged.


  • Kindergarten and Grade 1: May only borrow a book when accompanied by parents or class teacher.
  • Grade 2 onwards: 3 books/DVD/CD.

Full compensation must be paid for damaged media. Existing or detected damage must be reported to the staff of the Mediothek.

Renting rights
All employees of the German International School in Abu Dhabi as well as all students, kindergarten children and their parents, and staff are eligible. Anyone who repeatedly violates the provisions of these regulations may be excluded from use of the Media Library by the school management.


Media Library Team

Miriam Gensch & Melanie Haack

Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule