School Shop

Our school shop supplies our students with materials which are aligned with the standard of the school. The assortment is based on the school’s requirement lists. A large selection of exercise books, writing pads and covers are available. In addition, there are high-quality T-shirts and polo shirts with embroidered GISAD logo in the colors white, pink, blue, grey and black available for purchase.

In elementary school, parents can see the materials they need on the materials list for each class. In secondary school, the students are informed directly by the teachers within the first week of school what materials are needed.

Payments are to be made through the Skiply app to avoid cash payments. The materials will then be given to the students within two working days by our librarians, Mrs. Haack or Mrs. Gensch, upon receipt of the order.

The short video below explains how to use the skiply app.

If you have any questions regarding the school store, please contact Mrs. Haack or Miriam Gensch at

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