After School Care

We offer a variety of child care possibilities.

AGs (School Internal Extracurricular Programs)

The German International School in Abu Dhabi would like to offer all students the opportunity to discover and develop their abilities and talents. At the beginning of each school semester, students can choose from a range of different extracurricular groups (AGs) depending on their interest. These AGs are offered by members of the teaching staff or parents in the afternoon. There are various sports and workshops in the field of music and creativity, but also workshops on e.g. arts and technology and foreign languages which are offered.

Currently, we offer Arabic, Chinese and Prevention. For more information, please contact our daycare coordinator Heike Bereket

ECAs (Extracurricular programs external on premise providers)

Our extracurricular program is extensive. After school, students have the option to join a broad range of activities including sports, music, art, craft, technology and social enterprise. These are provided by our professional partners who come to our school and offer their services. We work with Gulf Star Sports. You can view the program and book the courses for your kids here.

After School Care

After school supervision is up to and including the sixth lesson for all primary school students. During this time the children can do their homework as well as play and socialize. The language of interaction is German. In addition, after the lunch break at the seventh and eighth lesson, there is a further supervision offer; please view After School Care.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our daycare coordinator Heike Bereket

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