After School Care

After School Care

Afternoon care is offered for grades 1 to 7 and is based on the respective timetable. It is provided from Monday to Thursday from the 1st  to the 9th lesson as well as Friday until the 5th lesson.

Students who have to wait for the school bus after the end of lessons, or have free time between the end of lessons and the start of a AG/ECA, have the opportunity to do their homework or to keep themselves busy. During the supervision hours there are phases of free and guided play and creative activities (e.g. arts & crafts).

The supervision concept gives the students the opportunity of social learning in a group. Afternoon care is an important part of the integration work at the school. Our team makes sure that the students speak solely in German in order to give the non-German native speaking children the opportunity to improve their language skills outside of the classroom.

Afternoon care is provided by experienced staff under professional socio-pedagogical supervision.

Our team can be reached via email or via phone 02 666 86 68.

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