Our image of the child

Our image of the child

Our image of the child – this is how children between the ages of 3 and 6 learn

The child is at the center of our pedagogical work. We see each child as an independent personality with their own needs and individual circumstances. Each child has its own developmental stage and rhythm. We see it as one of our most important tasks to recognize this, to pick up on it, and to challenge/encourage it. Our interest is to support the child in building healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. This means giving them space to develop themselves. We believe that only when children are at peace with themselves, can be free of fear, and are surrounded by good relationships, can they develop. Then they are able and willing to engage with other children, learning, and situations and to deal with them adequately.

In our pedagogical work, we also create space for the development of the children’s social competence. We accept each child as a unique personality with its own will, its own experiences, its own ideas, its own imagination, and individual strengths and weaknesses. The child with its own stage of development, own needs, and experiences form the starting point of our pedagogical work. We offer the children a wide range of opportunities to try out different areas with all their senses and to discover their abilities.

The children entrusted to us are respected in their uniqueness and individuality. We tailor our work to the needs and interests of the children and see ourselves as companions on their long developmental journey. We trust in the abilities of each child, support them lovingly and consistently, with the goal of independence. We rejoice in the children’s successes and feel new enthusiasm every day in our life together with them. The quality of the pedagogical atmosphere is the key to success.

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