Guten Tag, good day, as-salamu alaykum and a warm welcome in the kindergarten section of the german international school Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi has a huge variety of different school educations. Against the background of high standards the german education system is one of the leading educations in the world. Our kindergarten program is specially tailored to the requirements for admission to a German school career.

Our goal is to build up the foundation for social and academic learning for your child’s future. We are focused to develop their individual skills and to satisfy their insatiable curiosity for new things.

The curriculum is based on „Thüringer Bildungsplan“ and combines the 7 important parts of this german education plan with the local guidelines, according to the Abu Dhabi School Authority, ADEC.

With this concept we support your child native tendency on a play based learning and provide the highest quality of kindergarten education service.

Science Technic and Math

Children will build up cognitive strength, autonomous thinking and basically mathematic understanding through educational games and experiments.

Emotional skills

To foster confidence and self-discipline we motivate them to pursue activities of their own choice. They can develop emotional understanding in our diverse and joyful classrooms, with special set role-play areas.

Physical education and wellbeing

We support them to improve their condition and physical activity skills during sports and fun games.

Creative, arts and music

To stimulate their sensory perception and awareness, we offer many different arts and craft projects according to the child own ability and interests.

We sing various songs during our daily routine and children can explore different acoustic sounds with our selected instruments.

Preschool program

All children will participate in a particular preschool program during their last kindergarten year to prepare them for a smooth school start.

Settle down concept

In close consultation with parents, we make every effort to settle children into kindergarten life gently and individually, to ensure they get off to a good start. The final length of the acclimation period depends upon how the child is getting along and is determined by the group teacher. Please find the detailed settle down concept in downloads.

Exzellente Deutsche Auslandsschule