Foreign Languages

As a German school abroad, two foreign languages are compulsory at GISAD.

  1. Foreign language English
    • English is taught as the 1st foreign language for the entire intermediate level 3-4 hours.
  2. Foreign language French
    • French is offered at GISAD as a compulsory second foreign language from grade 6. In order to enable pupils without any previous knowledge of French to attend GISAD, the school therefore provides more French lessons.
    • These additional one-to-one lessons have been specially designed to bring the students up to class level as quickly as possible and are therefore subject to a fee. The skills achieved are regularly reviewed and our experience shows that this is the best way to ensure that students can soon participate in regular classes.
      • The best possible support for your child will be discussed with the French student council by the responsible teacher upon arrival. It may therefore be advisable to prepare for this already in your home country.
      • The costs are 700AED per month, or 3500AED per semester, if you have two support hours per week.  The dates can be arranged individually with the teacher and usually take place during school hours.
  3. Arabic
    • Arabic is a compulsory subject for native speakers in schools in the UAE. Non-native speakers are no longer required to take Arabic classes.
    • At GISAD, however, Arabic can be taken by non-native speakers from grade 6 on as a two-hour (voluntary) class in the afternoons, which is still certified on the certificate. As before, writing is also practiced in this working group, but the lessons are more focused on communication in everyday situations.
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