Englisch & Deutsch an der GISAD

Our language program is well enrooted starting at kindergarten entry level. The kindergarten accepts children without any knowledge of German. They benefit from a language program that has a long tradition at the school and is constantly being improved. In August 2018, all kindergarten teachers and some primary school teachers took part in the 2-day advanced training of the “Deutsch für den Schulstart” or “German for School Start” program, which was held in cooperation with the German Schools in Dubai and Sharjah. The two speakers travelled from Heidelberg and Brussels.

This concept is now being implemented at GISAD since the beginning of the 2018/19 school year. The basic material is used in the kindergarten and the primary school classes 1 and 2 mainly work with the games of the primary level. We regularly carry out the language test “Deutsch für den Schulstart.” This systemic support concept helps children who have German as a second language integrate. This enables us to give parents feedback and adapt the lessons accordingly. At secondary level, the pupils are also supported by language support. For the newly introduced subjects such as biology and history, a second teacher is assigned to provide linguistic support for the children. In addition, there are also lessons outside of the subject lessons, in which the facts and difficult vocabulary are explained again only with the “DaF children” (German as a foreign language) of the class.

In order to underline these efforts, GISAD is working towards enabling pupils with previous knowledge of German to make a lateral entry in 2020/21. As a strategy for the academic year 2021/22, the school envisions that students without previous knowledge of German will also be able to make a lateral entry.

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