School Bus Service

School Bus Service

The German International School in Abu Dhabi has 11 school buses. These take the children to school in the morning and back home in the afternoon at 13.45 and/or 15.45.

At the beginning of each school year the bus routes are revised according to the new enrolments. The school bus picks up the children registered for the bus transport from the agreed places of pick-up at the scheduled times. Due to possible new registrations during the current school year, there may occasionally be delays in the morning pick-up. Parents and children will be informed in good time. There is no right to be picked up at the front door or to a certain order of collection. In some cases a meeting point must be agreed upon.

For all questions regarding the school bus please contact

Registrations for single trips must be downloaded, filled out and physically handed in and paid for at the secretary’s office on the morning of the planned trip.

General registrations for the school year and the switch of bus routes may be filled in and sent it via the online portal directly.

Registrations and cancellations can only be made by the parents or guardians. By registering for the school bus, the parents or guardians accept the valid school bus regulations.


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