School Calendar

School Calendar

When? What? Who is involved?
21-09-2023 Healthy Eating Day School
22-09-2023 Healthy Eating Day School
25-09-2023 Parent´s Evening in kindergarten Kindergarten
29-09-2023 Prophets birthday
03-10-2023 Day of German Unity Kindergarten and School
13-11-2023 Lantern festival Kindergarten and School
28-11-2023 UAE National Day Celebration Kindergarten and School
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Key dates for school years 24/25 and 25/26 (subject to approval by ADEK)


We will announce the dates for the fall break in mid-October and any vacation days in
mid-February (called midterm breaks in the British system) in the spring of the previous
year after ADEK sends the detailed specifications.


The academic year 2024/25

First day of school: 26.08.2024

Autumn vacations: see above

Winter vacations: 16.12.2024 to 05.01.2025

February holidays: see above

Spring break: 24.03.2025 to 06.04.2025

expected last school day: 04.07.2025



The academic year 2025/26

First school day: 25.08.2025

Fall vacations: see above

Winter vacations: 15.12.2025 to 04.01.2026

February holidays: see above

Spring break: 23.03.2026 to 05.04.2026

expected last school day: 03.07.2026

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