Board of Trustees

Dr. Christiane<br>Schloderer
Dr. Christiane


Chairwoman of the Board & Finance Officer

Mr. Thomas<br>Laurien
Mr. Thomas


Vice Chairman & Human Resources

Dr. Fareed<br>Al Bloushi
Dr. Fareed
Al Bloushi


Intercultural Relations & Government Affairs Department

Dr. Phillipp <br>Sagawe
Dr. Phillipp


Organisation & Communication

Mrs Stefanie<br>Roll
Mrs Stefanie


Sustainability & Technics

Mrs Melanie<br>Haack
Mrs Melanie


Commissioner of the Board of Trustees

The supporting organization of the German International School in Abu Dhabi is the School Association, which all parents of the school can join upon application. The school association is represented by our six-member board of trustees, which is elected by a general meeting. The Board of Trustees, in cooperation with the school management and the German Embassy, promotes the continuous development of the school as one of the most important international educational addresses in Abu Dhabi. The Board of Trustees meets once a month for Board meetings to discuss the issues at hand. Both the speaker of the Parents’ Council of the kindergarten and the school are present, aswell as the representatives of the Teachers’ Council. The entire board can be reached at


1 Rules of Procedure of the Management Board Download
2 Statutes of the school association Download
3 Application for membership in the school association Download

Steering Group

Content will be available soon.

Parent Council

The parents’ council task is to represent the interests of parents. The Parent Representative Counci is elected by the parents’ representatives and forms the link between the school management and parents. The Parents’ Council is chaired by Mrs Dorina Hacker, her deputy is Mr Martin Fischbach.

An essential component at German schools, and especially German schools abroad, is parental work. This year, the parents’ council was formed by chairwoman Dorina Hacker and her deputy Martin Fischbach. Both have several years of experience at the school and are also involved in committees/ working groups of the school to represent the voice of the parents on pedagogical topics (Steering Group) and social issues (Prevention Group).
The work in the committees, together with school management and board of directors, as well as teachers, administrative representatives, but also our school social pedagogue and the student council also means a great transparency and will is additionally supported by the help of groups also organized by parents, such as the “Event Team”. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact


Student Council

The pupils’ council is made up of the class representatives of the individual classes and represents the interests of the entire student body. The student’s council is headed by Megan Näpfle and Junes Huber from class 12.

In German “SMV” stands for “Schülermitverwaltung” which means student council. The student council at GISAD functions as the decision-making apparatus of the student body. Members of the student council are two class speakers of each grade and two teachers of trust. During the first hearing of the student council the class speakers and teachers of trust are voted for and then continue to organize sessions. These sessions enabled the respective classes to discuss vital matters and concerns of students which the SMV then try to implement. Please do not hesitate to ask in case further questions arise:
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