School Counseling

In my function as a school social worker it is my mission to support and accompany our students in personal, social and emotional questions and in coping with the most diverse challenges and changes. My resolution is to advise the students from an impartial perspective and to motivate them to develop individual solution strategies independently.

I offer bilingual (German and English) consultations for parents. The counseling process can be a one-time event or continuous, depending on what is appropriate for the solution. Counseling sessions take place in one-on-one interviews or small groups. Meetings at my office are treated confidentially. In a few exceptions, which I explain in advance, other persons will or must be consulted. If necessary I visit the students in their classes. I will use the time available to listen and to find solutions together.

It is important to me that social learning and the ability to manage conflicts successfully is developed comprehensively. To this end I will focus more on goals and less on what has contributed to dissatisfaction so far. It is an accepted insight that persistence in looking at problems leads to more problems (problem talks create problems).

On what occasions can you come to me?

As a rule, the first point of contact should be the class teacher. Furthermore: Anything that keeps students busy in the sense that it keeps them from doing the right or necessary thing, anything that is connected with quarrelling and discord and much more justifies coming to me. And if you are not sure, you can come by and just ask.

It is important for me to point out that I naturally do not claim to have the answer to many questions. However, it is my experience that many people seeking advice already have the answer within themselves. My understanding of counselling has a lot to do with listening and asking questions that can help to strengthen one’s own problem-solving abilities.

How can I be reached?

Appointments can be made in person or by email via

Emergency number / Emergency contact number: +971 50 962 0855

My office is located in the Nurse’s wing when you leave the foyer and turn right. For short written messages you can also use the mailbox at my door.

Help for parents of students

As a rule, the first contact person should be the class teacher. For further information: You can make an appointment with me if you are worried about your children in a school context. You can contact me, for example, if there are conflicts in the upbringing and the family that affect the school, if your child has problems integrating at school or if he or she shows particular conspicuous features in school behavioral contexts. I offer you support and advice in individual discussions and can help you with addresses in Abu Dhabi if you need further advice and assistance. The same applies to adults: the advice is treated confidentially.

Tracy Fechner, Graduate Social Pedagogue (FH) (Consultation times at door and by arrangement via

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, there is an open house with table football and window talk during the breaks.


School Counseling

Tracy Fechner
Tracy Fechner

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