School Development

Easing Transitions

We all learn and work under one roof: kindergarten, primary school and secondary school. This has made it easier for us to manage the transitions between the educational levels. We ensure that pupils can continue their schooling after their return to Germany without any difficulties.


We make use of internal and regional workshop offers as profitable impulses for our daily educational work and school development. 


We create conditions to learn together and have the courage to find creative and individual solutions. 


We support co-determination at all levels. Pupils, parents and teachers, through their elected representatives in the pupil administration, the parents’ council and the teachers’ council, are responsible for the development of the school and are in regular contact with the school management. 

Collegial Cooperation 

We value trusting and productive cooperation at subject and class level as well as in collegial working groups and projects. 

Feedback Culture

We promote reflection on teaching, on our own learning process and on the teaching process through the development of a feedback culture. 

Pedagogical Quality Management

We ensure systematic school development with the help of Pedagogical Quality Management.  On the basis of IST – Analyses (BLI, SEIS+, inspection by ADEC), the steering group draws up a prioritized catalogue of strengths and weaknesses. 

Working groups will develop concepts and translate them into concrete measures, the effectiveness of which will be checked by interim evaluations (balance sheet visit, peer review). All in all, PQM is a cycle that is constantly being revisited.

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