The Kindergarten Day

Our kindergarten is open from Sunday to Thursday. We look after your children from 7.45am to 15.20pm in our all-day concept.

Oriented on a timetable, a daily routine takes place in the morning to give the children support and security. The daily routine is arranged and guided by the group management. This includes:

  •  various activities and play impulses, such as handicrafts, board games, picture books, building blocks and many other educational offers. 
  • To compensate, the children always have the opportunity to switch to a free play situation or to let off steam in the garden. A healthy breakfast, which every child brings from home, is served in our groups in the morning.
  • Depending on the timetable, we separate individual children from the group during the course of the day in order to provide them with specific support from additional specialists in DAF lessons, with the pre-school programme or in Arabic lessons. 
  • Scientific experiments, home economics experiences or art projects can also be implemented individually in small groups, whereby we always make sure that all children can participate.
  •  For lunch, all kindergarten children receive a warm lunch from our caterer.


Our afternoon highlights are theme-based universities:

  • In the fields of music, creativity, science, sports or relaxation and well-being. Here, children have the opportunity to make new discoveries, to expand on known previous knowledge or to get involved in completely new subject areas.
  • For our youngest students, we offer the opportunity to take a morning nap in the afternoon or participate in an interesting afternoon program.
  • All preschoolers are supervised by the preschool teacher in the afternoon and are supported by special learning offers.
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