Voluntary Help

Voluntary Help

Join our Event Team
The event team is an informal circle of active parents, who help to shape the experience of students, parents and teachers at events such as the:

  • International Day
  • Kid’s Cinema
  • Support the Lantern Festival
  • Teacher’s Brunch
  • Flea Market
  • Winter Market

The work of the Event Team is of course unimaginable without the help of other volunteers. Thanks to the Parent Council, we are able to gain the support of committed parents, especially for larger events such as the Winter Market. Through close cooperation with the student council, further ideas will be implemented in the future and help from the circle of students will continue. Of course, the event team’s commitment is voluntary and all proceeds, for example from bake sales, are used to support projects at the school.

In Covid times, events were unfortunately not possible. However, we are looking forward to the new school year and will keep you informed!

Your event team

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