Our Groups

Our Groups

In our mixed aged groups we look after children from three to six years old. We know that children in mixed age classrooms benefit a lot from each other. They will develop important life skills for their positive social, emotional and nurturing behaviors as well as educational satisfaction.

Each group has their own classroom and consists of 18 children with one teacher and one assistant teacher.

Our day

Our kindergarten is open from 7.45am till 4.20pm every Sunday to Thursday.

During the morning each child enjoys a structured classroom routine, which is provided and guided by the classroom teacher. They have a daily timetable with various activities to give children stability. Beside of these structure children enjoy plenty of time for outdoor activities or free play. We encourage kids to eat healthy and nutritious food. In the morning we enjoy a homemade breakfast in our groups every child need to bring their own breakfast. From time to time we separate kids in smaller groups for special language programs, preschool lessons or to explore special subject related themes with the teacher. After a busy morning every child will receive a warm lunch from our catering service.

In the afternoon our highlights are special task related kids universities where we offer different activities like music, science, mental wellbeing, sports and many more

For the younger ones we provide rest and sleeping time or tailored afternoon program.

All preschoolers enjoy a challenging program customized for their demands.

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